Power of Self and God’s Unfinished Business

Gardiner’s World
S1:Ep447 mins2009Guest: Oluseyi Eyitayo, John Wilding, Philip Gardiner

Self help has been a major concern for decades, but no one seems to agree what Self is. Oluseyi Eyitayom, author of The Power of Self-Belief, explains that the self is the inner being within the shell of the body. Once you understand this self, you can connect with that self inside and achieve your own personal success.

John Wilding, author of God’s Unfinished Business, sees a great disparity in what religion says and what it is doing. It seems the church is more about pushing its own agenda that seems to be in opposition to what was written of Jesus’ teachings. He offers his insights as to what Jesus’ message really was and the true nature of god.

Featuring: Oluseyi Eyitayo, John Wilding, Philip Gardiner
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