Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing (Dr. Ron Roth)

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S1:Ep2424 mins1999Guest: Dr. Ron Roth

Eighty-five percent of people pray, according to a major New York newspaper report. But how many of us get answers? Is God not listening? Are we not hearing? Are we doing it wrong? Dr. Ron Roth, former Catholic priest, renowned healer, and author of Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing, explains truths that will deepen your understanding of prayer and healing.

In Ron's experience, if you want to heal yourself, pray for someone else to heal! His concept of spiritual healing involves learning to live by the spirit, which can mean a lot of things – it can be about giving, about harmony, about celebrating life to the fullest, about exhilarant relationships, triumph over fear, living in the present moment and doing what you can for others while also looking at what you want to fulfill in your own life. Indeed, when people come to Ron looking for help, they are often startled by his counsel that if they want to find healing they can begin by focusing their kind and compassionate thoughts on other people.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Dr. Ron Roth
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