Preserving Thai Hilltribe Cultures

Impact: Stories of Asia
S1:Ep126 mins2010

One third of the world’s poor people are indigenous and half of them live in Asia. In the hills around Chiangmai, Thailand, the tribal people have traditionally supported their families by engaging in slash-and-burn agriculture, which required them to move their village every few years in search of new fields when old ones lost their fertility. It is now no longer possible for them to continue this semi-nomadic lifestyle, as there are no new places to move on to. Many migrate to urban places to seek jobs and escape poverty, but this erodes the ethno-diversity and culture of Thai hill tribes.

What is being done to conserve hill tribe culture, and respect indigenous rights while seeking development? This episode brings viewers into the heart of Northern Thailand to find out how development can be achieved without the erosion of traditions.

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