Probes, Airport, Games

S1:Ep2225 mins2008

Galileo, the space probe that was sent in 1995 to take pictures of Jupiter, also captured some of the most exciting images of the Earth in motion. We take a look at some of the imagery recorded by probes in the last couple of decade. To dramatically expand its capacity, Barcelona’s airport has built a new facility, with many up-to-date features, such as a central control room, intended to allow for more efficient travel. The German city of Cologne played host to Gamescom, a showcase featuring the latest in cyber games from across the globe. More than 420 exhibitors from 30 countries participated, with 150 new games on display. Interactive musical games, in particular, were intended to attract new players. Doctors have been talking up the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet for decades. Now, the cholesterol-busting capacity of the humble tomato has been captured in a capsule. Finally, a partnership between the Brooklyn Museum and a nearby hospital has allowed even more in-depth study of the museum’s collection of mummies, where the hospital’s powerful scanners have produced some surprising discoveries.

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