Quayside Co-housing

Healthy Home with Tamara Stanners
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Energy pioneers Jean Michel Krieff and Patricia Bendell love their land so much that they were willing to pioneer alternative energy sources to live on it. Their labor of love has evolved into a healthier lifestyle and a warm and inviting home.

Living in the middle of a dense concrete jungle doesn't mean living without Mother Nature. Using plants suited to specific climates, Dave Hutch demonstrates how to easily create a garden oasis in an urban setting.

Classic North American lawns, commonly fed by tons of herbicides and pesticides each year, can be potentially harmful. Gardening expert Brian Minter discusses how to keep lawns weed-free and healthy without using herbicides.

Health experts agree that living in isolation increases health risks. Members of a unique cohousing community reveal the benefits of sharing their homes and their lives.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English