Quest for the Press

S1:Ep2HathaAdvanced-345 mins

Join Kino MacGregor in part two of her handstand series. Learn strength building techniques to help build up to the handstand press. Start off with reviewing the shoulder, wrist and core strengtheners from Heavenly Handstands. Then, approach the press handstand from three different approaches: wide legs or straddle, bent knees and straight legs. Use creative ways to strengthen the core and build the neuromuscular patterning around this challenging movement. Start off with pressing up into headstand, forearm balance and build up to pressing up into handstand. Treat the quest for the press as a journey into the center of yourself and let the practice be a moving meditation that builds a strong steady mind.

Contraindications: shoulder or wrist injuries.

Props: block, wall, strap, towel

Instructor/Host: Kino MacGregor
Video Language: English