Race Cars, Trash Prospecting, Taj Mahal

Green Matters
S1:Ep523 mins2007Guest: Abbe Holmes

Hemp, potatoes and cashew-nut shells are not your average car components, but then this biodegradable racing car is hardly average. The black-necked crane is revered as a symbol of peace by Tibetans who attempt to protect the endangered species in the face of habitat loss and human activity. Logging threatens the forest of the Congo Basin, the second largest tropical forest after the Amazon. Pollution is discoloring the once-shimmering white marble of the Taj Mahal. A modern-day gold rush is happening in China, as families look through abandoned electronic and electrical waste to extract valuable metals. As part of the drive to reduce Britain’s carbon emissions, schools across the country are being fitted with solar panels.

Featuring: Abbe Holmes
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