Yogic Paths
S1:Ep1124 minsJune 2017

Raja Yoga has been called the “Resplendent Yoga of Spiritual Kings.” The techniques taught through this practice focus primarily on meditation, learning how to control the mind, to understand and recognize the mind for what it is so that you can become the king of kings - the master of your own mind.

In this episode of Yogic Paths, you will explore the profound realms of meditation, the heart of Raja Yoga. Created from Patanjali’s eight-fold path, Raja Yoga focuses primarily on the final three aspects: Dharana (focused concentration), Dhyana (meditation on the divine), and Samadhi (utter absorption with Cosmic Spirit). The interviews in this episode will take you into the subtleties of meditation practice and the steps and experiences that many students observe.

With a regular meditation practice, you move beyond ordinary consciousness and into a state of spiritual empowerment, a place where everything melts into an experience of oneness. Through Raja Yoga meditation and other advanced meditation practices, you begin to have unique experiences of realization. It is said that no two individuals will ever experience the same awakening because the universe is always new - it never repeats itself.

As more and more people on this planet begin to awaken through meditation practices, we have the capability to collectively raise our consciousness, giving everyone the opportunity to connect to themselves, to each other, and to the planet and the universe as a whole.

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