Raks Sharki Dancing and Garden Sculpture (Morocco & Daniel Mack)

Eye of the Spirit: One-on-Ones with Stephan Rechtshaffen
S1:Ep124 mins2001

Part 1: Meet Morocco, who has been described as part ethnic dancer and part stand-up comic, as she teaches Raks Sharki, a centuries-old form of transformative Middle Eastern dance. Connecting you to a deeper part of yourself, it is a folk dance, traditionally performed by men, women and children, usually in a family setting on happy occasions, such as weddings.

Part 2: Under Daniel Mack’s tutelage, students turn bamboo, driftwood and found objects in nature into rustic garden furniture and objets d'art. Anyone who has ever lifted a hammer and a nail knows the satisfaction of building things! It is a great form of self expression, and students take great joy as their creativity is unleashed!

Instructor/Host: Stephan Rechtshaffen
Featuring: Morocco, Daniel Mack
Video Language: English