A Rambunctious Rhino

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep924 mins2002

Sanya is almost two years old now and it’s time to wean her from her mother Indira. While Brad, the keeper, is separating the mother from the baby rhino he hears a commotion in the paddock. Patrick, the father, senses that Indira is out in the yard without the baby and he goes into heat and tries to climb a seven foot wall to get at Indira.

New baby tur twins, Himalayan mountain goats, were born to a mother who could not feed them. One takes to the bottle easily, while the other refuses to feed from the bottle. Dr. Kay Mehren, the head vet at the zoo, tries a new formula try to get the baby to drink.

It’s time to introduce Stevie, the young bat, to new keepers so that he is not so dependent on Dyann. It is a bittersweet moment for Dyann who is pleased that she has been able to successfully hand-raise Stevie but is sad because this is the end of her surrogate motherhood.

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