Rebuilding, Garden as Art and Habitat Restoration

Guerilla Gardener in the USA with Grahame Beakhust
S1:Ep925 mins1995Guest: Shaunee Power, Harland Hand, Greg Archibald

in San Francisco, Grahame visits Shaunee Power, whose home and garden were destroyed in a fire. Shaunee tells Grahame that the joyful part of rebuilding was recreating the garden from scratch.

Next, In El Cerrito, Grahame visits garden designer Harland Hand and discusses garden design as fine art. For more with Harland Hand, see Using Concrete as Rock.

Then, in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Grahame talks with habitat restoration team volunteer coordinator Greg Archibald about removing non-native, invasive plants and allowing native diversity to return.

Instructor/Host: Grahame Beakhust
Featuring: Shaunee Power, Harland Hand, Greg Archibald
Video Language: English