Reducing Climate Emissions Part 2

Responsible Business
S1:Ep925 mins2008Guest: Anita Kapoor, Hayden Turner

Widely recognized as one of mankind’s greatest challenges in the 21st century, climate change can seriously harm economies, societies and eco-systems all around the world, especially in developing countries. There is intense pressure on corporations to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming. This episode looks innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships that are helping to reduce climate emissions.

More people mean more waste and greater demand on energy. One company, in the US, is a world leader in converting municipal solid waste into clean, renewable energy. A tiny island in Europe, Föhr, is doing its bit to reduce climate emissions by setting up multiple renewable energy programs. Finally, we visit a hotel management company that is becoming a world leader in green hotels.

Featuring: Anita Kapoor, Hayden Turner
Video Language: English