Regeneration, Korea, Penguins

S1:Ep1523 mins2008

A larger-screened Kindle from boosts the popularity of e-books. The Espresso Book Machine prints books on demand. In Seoul, an 8-story building housing the National Digital Library provides a vast array of services. The medical school at Stanford University has taken a big step toward creating genetically compatible organs. Micro-circulatory beds help stem cells grow the tissue needed for transplant. Meanwhile, researchers at the Garvan Institute in Sydney have been working on a way to transplant organs without the need for immuno-suppressant medication to prevent organ rejection. Researchers visit the North Pole to study the ice. Population fluctuations of emperor penguins in Antarctica are monitored by satellite. In England’s network of canals, dating from the beginning of the industrial revolution, sometimes the old steam pumps are pressed back into service when the newer electric pumps fail. In Tuscany, advances in robotics include trash collection, and in Tokyo, robots cook meals.

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