Reiki and Foods That Fight Pain (Rev. Liz Tarr & Dr. Neal Barnard)

Pillars of Health with Christopher Royce
S1:Ep223 mins1998Guest: Reverand Lizz Tarr, Linda Boyle, Neal Barnard M.D.

Part 1: 'Rei', or universal life force and 'ki', individual life force, combine in a powerful energy practice of alignment and healing, called Reiki by Japanese founder Mikao Usui. Reiki master Reverand Liz Tarr demonstrates how you can use the body's natural energy system for pain relief and getting to the root of pain or imbalance.

Part 2: Dr. Neal Barnard, member of the national physician's board promoting preventative medicine, and author of Foods that Fight Pain, explains how the power of food can be more effective than a prescription. Whether you suffer from arthritis, digestive issues, or sleep disorders, often times what you are eating can inflame your imbalance.

Instructor/Host: Christopher Royce
Featuring: Reverand Lizz Tarr, Linda Boyle, Neal Barnard M.D.
Video Language: English