Jason Stang has an eye for the offbeat – he once lived in a filing cabinet factory! From the first time he laid eyes on the dusty, abandoned fire hall, he knew he had to have it. Now he’s transformed it into a modern, comfortable home for his young family.

A flight over brutally logged forests inspired developer and “Ethics in Action” award winner Robert Brown to become an advocate for housing built with earth-friendly features. Starting with a heritage structure, Brown used reclaimed lumber and bamboo flooring to reduce the number of trees that were cut to build this 4-unit home.

Musician Blair Petrie crusaded tirelessly to prevent the city of Vancouver from razing 26 of its oldest homes. The rundown rooming houses were converted to self-contained apartments for low-income earners. The homes have been restored to their original exterior colors. A geothermal system provides affordable heat and hot water for every unit.

Restored homes are visible reminders of the past. The use of authentic historic colors can reveal and emphasize the building’s original style and appearance. Does your home echo its neighborhood’s true colors?

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English