Beyond Reality
S1:Ep4324 mins1993Guest: Shair Belafonte, Carl Marotte

In a sleep-deprivation-induced astral projection, J.J. finds himself in 1943 – occupying the dead body of “Harvard” Hansen, a WWII correspondent, on a submarine under attack. In charge of the forward torpedo room is Mike Stillman – J.J.’s father who abandoned J.J.’s family when J.J. was twelve. The projection lasts only briefly – and J.J. returns to the present. Later, J.J.’s research tells him that the submarine was sunk by depth charges but managed to surface due to Hansen’s help. Knowing that Hansen died before he could have helped raise the sub, J.J. induces another astral projection in order to return to the sub, again occupy Hansen’s body and do what he can.

Featuring: Shair Belafonte, Carl Marotte
Video Language: English