Rhino Bangs Truck

Shamwari: A Wild Life with Lyndal Davies
S1:Ep326 mins2008

The wildlife team comes under attack from an angry rhino after releasing it from its holding crate. It turns its full fury on the game-capture truck and manages to lift the whole 14 tons off the ground – with everyone standing on the back!

Our orphaned baby elephant is settling nicely into his new home. Things start to go crazy when we introduce him to his new playmate – a sheep called Albert.

Things go terribly wrong as the game capture team bring in a herd of wildebeest – one of the workers in gored in the leg and has to be airlifted to hospital. We also manage to capture some incredibly rare footage of two leopards leaping – playing up a storm.

Instructor/Host: Lyndal Davies
Video Language: English