A Rhino on the Rocks

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep824 mins2002

Zoo vet Graham brought Simon back from Venezuela seven years ago. But with no other tamanduas in Toronto, it’s time for Simon to move on to his new home in Kansas. The problem is Simon’s weight. It’s down, and no one knows why.

With their week of training and bonding complete, Ollie and Maria are finally ready to bring the two koalas back to Toronto. Their challenge: making sure the trip goes smoothly – everything from having enough food in the travel crates, to dealing with Southern California’s notorious traffic, to traveling on the plane with their precious cargo. A special look at a delicate operation, with the Zoo Diaries Keeper Cam.

White Rhinos are supposed to have a grand horn on their noses. But in Toronto, one of the rhinos has worn his down, ramming and rubbing against most everything in his exhibit. Harry and the other keepers have worked hard to reorganize the exhibit, removing certain elements and blocking off others.

Video Language: English