Rhino School

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep324 mins2002

Majani is an orphaned cheetah cub being trained as an outreach animal in San Diego. Her partner is Clifford, a mutt from the local pound. Eventually, the two of them will live together 24 hours a day. But first, Majani has to override his wild instincts and share a meal and learn to follow Clifford’s lead around the Park.

Mary the reindeer is one of the Toronto Zoo’s most popular outreach animals. But she’s not eating and is suffering for it. It might be as simple as a toothache, but the zoo vets won’t know for sure till they get a good look at her.

Marsha continues her hand-raising of Choto. This time, the goal is to teach Choto to approach – slowly – a target and rest his head on it. If he can master that, the keepers and vets will be able to do a host of procedures without anesthetizing him – a big risk with any animal, especially one that will grow from 600 pounds to more than two tons.

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