Ring of Fire

Twee Merrigan
Pre/PostnatalLevel 1-259 mins

This practice is the second among a series of Twee Merrigan's prenatal vinyasa classes, developed exclusively for My Yoga Online. “Ring of Fire | Calm + Courage Under Fire” is a Prana Flow® Prenatal Vinyasa practice that offers techniques to feel calm, cool, collected, and alive from one’s center of truth, no matter how hot the fire or challenges can become.

The practice includes gentle twisting from the upper body to inspire change and letting go, a Khalsa Way® inspired “3 Minute Keep Up” that encourages pregnant goddesses to “not give up, but to keep up," vocalizing sounds from deep within, and a meditation in stillness within the flow of the yoga practice. Please be sure to allow your breath to remain full and abundant throughout the practice by choosing the best variations for yourself in that present moment. Practice at your own pace and listen within.

Contraindications: Consult your midwife or doctor before beginning this practice.

Featuring music by Jami Sieber, Logical Drift, Rick Coe and Lucien