The Road to Shangri-La

Journeys to the Ends of the Earth
S1:Ep1051 mins2001Guest: David Adams

Shangri-La, the legendary city of peace and enlightenment. James Hilton, claims to have discovered this ancient mystery, in fiction at least. He was not the only one to write of it. He follows in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and Marco Polo with claims of it discovery. Claiming to be hidden in a valley near Nanga Parbat will they mysteries of this utopia be hidden forever?

In an attempt to reveal the source of the legend, David Adams takes up the ancient quest of seeking Shangri-La. Along the way he encounters people that may indeed be the inheritors of Alexander the Great’s Legacy. If he is to discover the path to Shangri-La, David must sift through eons of history overlapping and distorting any trace of truth.

Featuring: David Adams
Video Language: English