Rolfing (Cosper Scafidi & Dr. Deborah Bernal)

Pillars of Health with Christopher Royce
S1:Ep423 mins1998Guest: Cosper Scafidi, Deborah Bernal, Patricia Johnson

Take your journey of self-actualization to a deeper level. Part 1: Rolfing is the popular name for a method of bodywork developed by Ida P. Rolf that focuses on intensive structural integration. By manipulating the fascia, or connective tissue of the muscles, which is essentially a matrix that holds the body together as it moves in gravity, you can rearrange the physical structure for ideal balance and longevity. Rolf believed that the interaction of fascia and bones creates a tensional pattern that allows the body to continuously support itself rather than succumbing to the effects of gravity reinforcing degenerative patterns. Join Cosper Scafidi, Advanced Certified Rolfer and director of the Complimentary Medicine Center of Northern Virginia, as he shows us how it's done.

Part 2: Dr. Deborah Bernal, Medical Director of New Life Wellness Center in Washington DC, and holistic fitness specialist, is a lifestyle management consultant. Using holistic treatment plans, she encourages us, as well as her medical rehabilitation clients, not to see ourselves as victims of circumstance, but to make investments in the present so that our future will continue to reflect our desired intention and choice.

Instructor/Host: Christopher Royce
Featuring: Cosper Scafidi, Deborah Bernal, Patricia Johnson
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