S1:Ep225 mins2001Guest: Dean McCoubrey

A visit to Rome is a fun, cultural and educational experience at the same time. It has been shaped over 26 centuries, and woven through all these diverse layers of history is a thread of spiritual energy that is tangible to everybody. Rome is the city that gave birth to an empire that once ruled the entire known world. Home to pagans and popes, this is a city of polarities where the ancient and the ultramodern coexist in splendid contrast.

On our tour of the great city we visit many historical and therapeutic sites. Most everyone is familiar with the Piazza, the Coliseum and the Parthenon. For the more intrepid explorer there are Etruscan ruins to explore, or for the art minded there is the Galleria d'Arte Sacre. When you are ready to relax and restore, a scenic half hour's drive through the serene countryside brings you to the ancient spa of Sansisto. These natural hot sulphur springs have been renowned for their therapeutic qualities. By day or night, the streets and the buildings of Rome carry a sense of history and spirituality that goes back, further and deeper than we will ever know.

Featuring: Dean McCoubrey
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