Safe and Neighborly

Healthy Home with Tamara Stanners
S3:Ep1223 mins2002

Mike Pavich is building a house that's only twelve and a half feet wide. Mike describes the special challenges of a skinny house, including techniques to make sure it stays standing in an earthquake zone.

It doesn’t take a major earthquake to cause significant damage to a house. Experts demonstrate how to quakeproof a home.

Join Tamara for a lesson about natural gas that could save your life.

Leon Ebersohn forges iron and steel to produce wrought-iron security bars and gates for residents of some of Vancouver’s toniest neighborhoods.

An avid gardener without a garden, Rae Blewden came up with the idea of partnering gardeners with homeowners who could no longer maintain their own gardens – the Neighbor Gardens program was born. She has expanded the program to include classes on organic gardening techniques.

Instructor/Host: Tamara Stanners
Video Language: English