Samuel Gibson, Family Man

An Ordinary Life
S1:Ep643 mins2009

Samuel Gibson stands less than a meter tall and has never walked on his shortened legs – but he’s a man who’s always had big dreams. His life is rich and abundant. He’s a husband, father, world traveler, inventor and entrepreneur.

Samuel was born with Brittle Bone Disease. There is a defect in the collagen that holds his bones together, so they are incredibly fragile. He broke his femurs being born, and when he was young, just a cough or a sneeze was enough to cause a fracture.

He spends most of his life in a hi-tech wheelchair that he invented and now manufactures and sells worldwide. Samuel has never seen himself as different from anyone else and has never seen himself as disabled, so he’s never put a limit on what he might do. His motto is, “There’s always a way.”

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