Saving Places: The Tilting Post Office

Saving Places
S1:Ep247 mins2010Guest: Angus Skene, Chris Borgal, Daniel Beeston

Tilting is a small fishing village on the island of Fogo, off the north shore of Newfoundland. In Canada, it doesn’t get much more remote than that. That’s why the local post office in this 300-year-old Irish settlement is almost as sacred to the residents as the local church. It now sits abandoned and deteriorating.

The town folk would love to see it restored, and used as a local museum. The entire town of Tilting is a National Historic Site, described by Parks Canada as “one of the country’s best preserved collections of structures associated with the fishery and early farming.” But it’s on Heritage Canada’s “10 Most Endangered Places” list. Could restoring the old post office keep the past – and Tilting – from fading away?

Featuring: Angus Skene, Chris Borgal, Daniel Beeston
Video Language: English