Before Saying Yes to Marriage: 101 Questions to Ask Yourself (Sidney J. Smith)

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How can you tell if you would have a successful marriage with your partner? Sidney J Smith provides 101 questions to ask yourself so you can gauge if your relationship is strong enough to endure marriage. After being startled by the high divorce rate, Smith decided to write this book as a way to prepare potential newlyweds for the life ahead.

Smith himself is remarried after a happy 50-year-long marriage. After becoming a widower, he married his current wife whom he had known for 50 years. He explains how important friendship before a relationship is. In the friendship, two people can get to know each other in an intimate way before getting romantically involved.

Smith gives tips about what characteristics are important in a relationship (i.e., trust and communication), which are ones you should avoid (jealousy), and practical issues that influence marriages (finances).

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