When she was eight years old, Marguerite Ogilvie, from Lac Du Bonnet, MB, secretly read a letter from her German aunt. In it, she discovered that her grandmother, Minna, had died “a horrible death” during WWII. Marguerite’s mother, Charlotte, would never reveal what happened to Minna, and after WWII ended Charlotte suffered a nervous breakdown. Marguerite’s life was never the same, as she was haunted by the death of her grandmother and the possibility that her mother’s illness was brought on by the guilt of being unable to save her.

Now, at the age of 66, Marguerite Ogilvie has decided to go in search of answers and discover whether it was her grandmother’s “horrible death” that caused her mother’s breakdown and the destruction of her own life. To uncover the truth she must journey to Denmark and Germany, find her lost family and expose a piece of history kept secret for more than half a century.

Instructor/Host: Jeff Douglas
Video Language: English