Secrets of the Serpent: In Search of the Sacred Past

Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
S1:Ep553 mins2006Guest: Philip Gardiner

Across time and across the world, an ancient serpent cult once dominated mankind and has since disappeared over the eons. Now, after years of research, the real religious history of the world can be traced to this original belief system. Philip Gardiner reveals some of the world’s most mysterious places that were once sacred to the serpent cult and ties them in to modern religious beliefs.

Along the way, he decodes the symbols and presents a new light on ancient mythologies. He also reveals the real bloodline spoken of by Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code – it was in fact a bloodline using serpent as a metaphor. This secret history may have overarching agendas that still influence the religious and politic environment, today.

Featuring: Philip Gardiner
Video Language: English