Senegal: Sandaga

Markets of the World
S1:Ep326 mins2002Guest: Fraser Macnaught

Senegal is situated on the extreme west coast of Africa, and its capital, Dakar, is the western-most city on the African continent. Though it is one of the more stable of the African countries its economic conditions are still fragile. It is here that we come to the Sandaga market. It is a place teetering between trafficking, violence and health risks, yet it is a place where many people come to shop for their daily needs, or to make their fortunes.

The Old Man is the overseer for the whole market who, with his hand- picked team, oversees the daily operations. We also meet with Scouts who work the markets by helping customers to find the goods they need and negotiating prices. There are many different kinds of intermediaries working here. Even intermediaries that connect shopping scout to potential customers. Though conditions are often precarious, the Sandaga market is a viable economic resource for all of the people of Dakar.

Featuring: Fraser Macnaught
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