Separating Diabetes Fact from Fiction

Food Files vs. Diabetes
S1:Ep123 mins

Our Host Nikki shocks our audience with some startling cold hard facts, Singapore is ranked as second in the world for the highest proportion of Diabetes amongst its population. Nikki begins to explore this alarming phenomenon by speaking with a health professional who first explains what diabetes is in its two forms, both insulin dependent and non insulin dependent.

We learn that the cause of diabetes is commonly linked to lifestyle risk factors, as well as family history. We take to the streets of Singapore and ask the general public, “What is diabetes?” The answers reveal many misconceptions associated with the disease, such as, “Isn’t it caused by eating too much sugar?” Our health professional helps debunk the general myths.

Interviews with three distinctly different people who have diabetes provide a revealing insight in how the disease first manifested itself in each case, the possible causes, and how each person is coping with the diabetes.

Our first episode of Food Detectives vs Diabetes concludes with some important tips to help newly diagnosed patients in making lifestyle changes to help manage the disease and establish a healthy living routine.

Featuring: Nikki Muller
Video Language: English