Session 6: Psychedelics, Entities, Parallel Dimensions, and the War On Consciousness

Events+ A Magical Mystery Tour with Graham Hancock
S1:Ep61 hr, 45 mins

In Session 6 of the "Magical Mystery Tour" Events+ at GaiaSphere, discussing Gnosticism, good and evil, the Great Pyramid, the mystery of death, altered states of consciousness, and parallel dimensions, Graham Hancock argues that our society is over-monopolistically dependent on the alert problem-solving state of consciousness and ignores, marginalizes, and demonizes the contribution of non-ordinary states of consciousness at its peril. With greater context provided by recent scientific evidence, Graham explores the thought-provoking interconnections between the beings who shamans refer to as "spirits", who medieval Europeans knew as "fairies", and who are construed in the developed countries today as "aliens" or “Greys.”


Instructor/HostGraham Hancock