Sex Under the Sea

201050 mins

Under the sea, the reproduction chain is extremely varied and complicated. In such vast, shifting, unstable and dark oceans, each animal has developed its own original strategy to find a partner, seduce him, mate, reproduce and give birth.

Over millions of years of evolution, sea creatures have exploited the physical properties of the water: sperm whales use sound to detect females, while fish or crustaceans exploit currents and tides to spread their sperm and eggs freely in the ocean.

In this documentary, discover exclusive and rare footage of every type of sexual behavior under the water: harems of sea lions, polygamy among whales and sea snakes, shark intra-uterine cannibalism, incest prohibition among dolphins and ragged tooth sharks gang rape – a universe in which intimacy can sometimes be accompanied by violence. From the Galapagos Islands to South Africa or Micronesia, all of this vital energy has just one purpose: perpetuate the species.