Shereen Arazm – LA Nightlife

Women on Top
S1:Ep2621 mins2007

Shereen Azram has been described as the reigning princess of LA nightlife by owning some of the city's most elite venues with an A-List clientele. Born in Toronto, her innate talent for entertaining became clear at 16. She later worked as a waiter in Toronto's Terroni's, working 24/7 for tuition money to attend college in NYC. Quickly realizing that formal education was not for her, she decided to spend her hard earned money flying all her friends to NYC for a week of entertainment. That was when she realized that her future was in nightlife.

Sick of bartending and trying to mend a broken heart, she moved to LA intent on opening her own club. Being young, female, foreign, and with no credit, she had to kick down every door she walked through. She persevered and secured funds for her first club, Concorde, which quickly became a celebrity hotspot. The challenge of succeeding in a male-dominated world never fazes her, even though patrons constantly assume she is the waiter.

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