Shigeki Garden (1) and Creating a Bonsai (1)

Guerilla Gardener in New Zealand with Grahame Beakhust
S1:Ep1125 mins1995Guest: Tony Downs, Arthur Skolnil,

Grahame visits Tony Downs at New Zealand's Shigeki Garden, a rubbish dump that was transformed into a Japanese garden. See also: Shigeki Garden (2).

Next, Grahame talks with Arthur Skolnil of Shibui Bonsai about the art of bonsai.

Then, Arthur shows Grahame styles of bonsai and they begin to create a windswept bonsai. See also: Creating a Bonsai (2).

Instructor/Host: Grahame Beakhust
Featuring: Tony Downs, Arthur Skolnil,
Video Language: English