A Ships’ Graveyard: The Wrecks of the Red Sea

Blue Reef Adventures
S1:Ep1225 mins1998

The Great Rift Valley cleaves a deep furrow along the length of the African continent, creating immense lakes and culminating in the deep, narrow Red Sea. Used as a convenient trade route to the Far East for European and Arab seafarers, the Red Sea has seen many a ship floundering and coming to rest in a watery grave. Here, nature takes over and marine life colonises their metallic carcasses, covering them with a rich tapestry of corals, sponges and algae.

Curious to film these industrial reefs, Peter and Stefania set sail on this ancient body of water to explore some of its most famous wrecks. The wartime relic of the Thistlegorm is one of the most impressive. As Peter and Stefania venture into the depths they find that time has stood still here. The locomotive, waiting to be off-loaded, is now home to a school of sweepers; rows and rows of trucks and motorbikes, covered in sand, host fierce looking crocodile fish. Keen to document as much as possible, the Lambertis visit several other sites, including the graves of the Umbria, Carnatic, Giannis D, Sea Star, Chrissoula Kay, Yolanda, and the Danraven.

Video Language: English