Signs in the Sky: Prophecies in the Stars

Invisible College with Adrian Gilbert
S1:Ep41 hr, 18 mins2009

Ancient man knew how to read the signs in the sky and derived prophesy from the movement of stars. Adrian Gilbert explores the world of celestial prophecy in ancient Egypt and Jerusalem. The Egyptians aligned the pyramids with the stars and were aware of the precession of the equinox. Hints are revealed in the book of Revelation as to the movement of the stars, their alignment with the sacred sites, and may predict events still to come. Perhaps the signs in the sky point to the fact that we are at an end of an age, as prophesized by ancient Egyptians and authors of the bible.

Editors Note: The video quality of this program may not meet the same high standards we wish to maintain for Gaia. However, the information presented has such relevance, that we feel it is important to present it to you, as is.

Instructor/Host: Adrian Gilbert
Video Language: English