The Silk

201215 mins

The silk, a most beautiful piece of fabric, lies in a cupboard for 50 years. Mrs. Blackie, a keen seamstress, has never dared take the scissors to this, her cherished wedding present. But when Mr. Blackie takes ill for the last time, she knows what to do: use the silk for his laying out pajamas.

Mr. Blackie is reluctant at first; they are both scared to cut into the silk. Not just because it has lain untouched for so long and maintained its breathtaking beauty while they have grown old, not just because the images within its threads speak of places they will now never get to see, but because the silk represents the fabric of their long life together and in changing its form, they risk destroying the bond that is their world.

But cut it they do. And in so doing, embark on their last project together. It's a time of joy and reminiscence. A time of fear and farewell. But not farewell forever. The silk has a final surprise in store for Mrs. Blackie.