Silvertip Sharks: Predators of Cabo San Sebastian

Blue Reef Adventures
S1:Ep1025 mins1998

Peter and Stefania Lamberti have heard fishermen’s tales of an abundance of sharks, as well as fish larger than life, inhabiting a lonely stretch of water off southern Mozambique in the southern Indian Ocean. Their destination is an unnamed and undived reef five miles east of Cabo San Sebastian.

In these pristine waters they find some of the ocean’s fiercest and most elusive wildlife, and more sharks than they had ever seen before. Normally found during daylight hours in the depths, well beyond the reach of scuba divers, frisky and curious silvertip sharks show an unnerving interest in the divers. In this episode, Peter and Stefania fulfill every filmmakers dream to record one of the last remaining untouched underwater realms on earth.

Video Language: English