Skills and Human Resource Development

Responsible Business
S1:Ep1223 mins2008Guest: Anita Kapoor, Hayden Turner

Whether it is providing training, moving to close the skills gap, or exchanging skills, more and more companies are recognizing that Human Resources are an integral part of the modern business. Building human capabilities are part and parcel of the fundamental infrastructure needed to manage the development challenges of the 21st Century.In this episode we look at three companies that are going beyond what is required of them to provide training and the exchange of skills.

Beyond simply donating drugs and money to developing countries, Pfizer decided to donate their most valuable asset – their human capital – to train and build management capacity in poor countries. Then we learn about Impact International, a global leader in the field of sustainable business transformation and leadership development. In 1975, Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas set up a scholarship programm to develop the skills it needed to run its business.Soon, it developed into a much larger programm that benefited the wider Malaysian population and students from countries all over the world.

Featuring: Anita Kapoor, Hayden Turner
Video Language: English