A Snapping Turtle Keeps It Together

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2524 mins2002

Mike Forbes and his crew of elephant keepers at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita have been working towards breeding Cinda the African elephant for two years. Today they’ll find out if all their training has taken. Without Cinda’s cooperation, there’s no chance of inseminating her. If she really objects, someone could get hurt.

Rainstorms over the weekend made for a rough ride for one snapping turtle. When a dam was opened, he came tumbling through the door, bounced off the rocks and broke his shell. Rolf Arne will try to glue him back together and get him back to the wild before it’s time to hibernate.

Wichita’s newest tamandua has a bit of a weight problem. She’s not gaining it fast enough. The keepers have been trying to let her mother raise her, but if her weight doesn’t pick up, they’ll have to hand-raise her themselves. Time for Jennifer Callahan to check up on a baby so ugly she’s cute.

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