A Snow Leopard Meets Her Mate

Zoo Diaries
S3:Ep224 mins2002

Lena the female snow leopard that has arrived from Halifax, has been in holding beside the zoo’s male snow leopard, Olaf, for the past few days. The keepers hope they will get to know each other and that they will breed. Today they will meet each other face-to-face in the exhibit for the first time.

The baby elk the zookeepers picked up a few days ago had its leg broken. The keepers think either the mother or possibly a bison stepped on the young fawn. The vets put a pin in the baby’s leg to hold it together. Today they check on the fawn to see if it can walk with the pin in its leg.

Adam is a summer seasonal who is being trained to work on the zoo’s Zoofari Show. He has to pretend he is being chased by a wild boar. The boar turns out to be a sow called Fly who’s holding tusks between her teeth. The keeper, Kelly, is training both Adam and Fly.

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