Solar Ovens, Coral Reefs, Russian Permafrost

Green Matters
S1:Ep1323 mins2007Guest: Abbe Holmes

La Casa del Sol trains and teachers Costa Rican women about recycling, environmental care, farming and solar energy. They’ve managed to live on the planet for over one hundred million years, but today turtles are highly endangered. At rubbish dumps around the world, one man’s trash becomes another’s livelihood. Environmentalists would like the Australian government to declare the Coral Sea a marine protected area. At Belgium’s Living Tomorrow exhibition, the house of the future gave visitors a sneak peek into the future. In a remote corner of Siberia, the heat of climate change is having a visible impact. On the Isle of Wight experts gathered to discuss how to harness the power of the sea to create energy.

Featuring: Abbe Holmes
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