The Soul of Sex (Thomas Moore) – Part 1

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S1:Ep422 mins1998Guest: Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore talks about his book The Soul of Sex, and his past life as a monk. From his perspective, he believes that we crave a lot of the qualities that are associated with sex; we crave the intimacy, the sensuality and the beauty of sex. We don’t pay enough attention to beauty in our everyday lives and souls. These qualities are the things we need to bring closer to home, not necessarily the actual act of sex.

He discusses the fear of feeling abnormal and that in our society we mark it as a sickness of some sort. But, if you let your soul takeover and guide you, you will never be normal, and that is a good thing. Moore believes that the more you live from the soul, the more you really get to enjoy life and the feeling of being alive.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Thomas Moore
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