South Africa

The Change Makers
S1:Ep352 mins2010Guest: Céline Hue

South Africa, a land of great change, calls for bold innovators to come forth to change peoples’ lives. This episode introduces five such bold creators. In Sowetto, Celine Hues visits the Smarteez, a group of young fashion designers embracing unique and flashy designs. Challenging traditional sensibilities, the Smartees find their own way, hoping to inspire others to do the same. Hiring practices are in a delicate balance between blacks and whites as the country continues to recover from apartheid. Celine discovers a program put into place to discuss and help reconcile the issues with employers and employees. Alien species of plants threaten to destroy the natural environment of the South African forests. To help preserve the environment and create jobs, a program was created to cut down and remove invading species of trees and plants. Celine learns that playtime can actually provide a source of clean water. A play carousel has been installed at a school that also serves as a pump delivering clean water from a well to a holding tank. Hidden away in a shanty town is a colorful gem of a man who turns hardhats into wearable works of art. His works can be found in every soccer stadium in South Africa.

Featuring: Céline Hue
Video Language: English