South Korea 2

The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep1041 mins2007Guest: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck

Korea is one of the most dynamic environments the gurus have ever visited. It’s an amazing country with a beautiful environment and fascinating history. We come to the Hi Seoul Festival. It’s one of four major festivals that are held every year in the capital city. Next up, is a visit to the futuristic city of Songdo where computers are actually built into the homes and business places.

The Hangang is a mighty river particularly when it’s swollen with summer rain and cruises last for about an hour and it’s a great opportunity to take in some of the real landmarks of the city of Seoul. An hour north of Seoul is the Hantaek Botanical Garden, a treasure trove of gorgeous rare and collectible plants. The Demilitarized Zone is a No-Man’s Land 4 Kilometers wide and 240 KM long that separates North and South Korea. Just beyond the zone is a cultural artist’s village today called Heyri. You need to be a practicing artist to live in this community, but anyone who’s very interested in art is very welcome to come and visit this town.

Featuring: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck
Video Language: English