Space: Fifth Chakra

S1:Ep6TherapeuticAll Levels-1, 240 mins

Kate Potter provides a gentle vinyasa practice focused on the fifth chakra (or throat chakra). Transitions are highlighted so that you'll delightfully float into and out of the poses, neither pushing nor pulling, but expanding, feeling both the centre and the periphery of the body with each breath. With the encouragement, focus, and knowledge of throat chakra energy, this practice is excellent for creative blocks, fatigue that comes from too many choices in life, and your power to communicate honestly. Kate delivers this class from a heartfelt place that balances effort and ease beautifully with the sweetness of a lengthy savasana, making it a perfect class for anyobody needing a little tenderness (everybody!).

Contraindications: knee injury, rotator cuff injury

Instructor/Host: Kate Potter
Video Language: English