The Change Makers
S1:Ep651 mins2010Guest: Céline Hue

Spain, like many developed nations has a growing issue with obesity. To combat this you can find gym equipment that is free to use to help promote exercise and healthy lifestyles for everyone. Next, Celine Hue visits The Red Village, a town trying to develop a revolutionary utopia. Everyone has the same salary, and housing is a right, not a business. Telemother is a website where people who are looking for a hot meal can connect with people who will prepare one for them. This helps the people to stretch their monthly budget while providing a well appreciated service. Esteve, a manager of a cemetery came up with an idea to put solar panels on top of above ground cemeteries. Celine meets a fashion designer that has opened her workshop to others and donates her time to teaching. This program helps women looking to build job building skills to be able to help provide for their families.

Featuring: Céline Hue
Video Language: English