Special Delivery (Harry Hart-Browne)

Living in Balance with Georgia Shakti-Hill
S1:Ep7524 mins1999Guest: Harry Hart-Browne

Special Delivery is the name of the play and Harry Hart-Browne is the man who brings it to us. It is a twenty-character, one-man play, about remembering the Spirit while doing the Earth gig. His story as an actor began when he was diagnosed with cancer and decided against surgery.

He was introduced to a Shamanic healer and she did a soul retrieval for him. A soul retrieval is a journey to find one’s Spirit, to locate and retrieve it, and to reintegrate any lost soul parts that you are not in touch with, but that want to become part of your life.

His powerful performance of Special Delivery is a reenactment of his inspiring spiritual journey that reconnected him with his Spirit.

Instructor/Host: Georgia Shakti-Hill
Featuring: Harry Hart-Browne
Video Language: English