Special Thanks to Roy London

20061 hr, 29 mins

Roy London, known as the “guy everyone thanked at the Oscars,” was an acting coach who changed the lives of dozens of major Hollywood actors. Hollywood’s best-kept secret, Roy coached and influenced the acting careers of hundreds of A-list actors.

In interviews with more than 50 actors – including Patricia Arquette, Hank Azaria, Drew Carey, Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Famke Janssen, Gary Shandling, Sharon Stone, Patrick Swayze and Forest Whitaker – this documentary reveals the lessons and inspiration that Roy London provided to a spectacular community of actors. And, in never before seen footage, Roy shares his insight into what it takes to be a star and to survive as a star.

Special Thanks to Roy London is an astonishing look at the craft of acting that will delight anyone who has ever enjoyed a movie.